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Networks smother Christianity’s holiest day under avalanche of peeps, study proves

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The holiest day on the Christian calendar is so smothered with secular symbols that religious references to Easter are outnumbered by secular symbols by almost 9-1 an America’s mainstream networks.

megynkellybrentbozell0418That was the finding of a study by the Media Resource Center, which reported that “Easter” topics with a decidedly un-serious bent – and generally accompanied by dreadful, juvenile puns on the word “egg” – were reported 500 times over the past three years on ABC, CBS and NBC.

Religious topics? Only 56 times.

The secularization of Easter is nothing compared to what’s happened to Christmas, of course, with non-stop commercialization that starts in October, treacly holiday “specials,” and the annual attacks by libs on Christian reference in music celebrating the birth of Christianity. But early Christians barely celebrated the birth of Christ (that kind of thing was for the pagans, according to Christianity.com).

Easter is different. For Christians, Easter is the resurrection; Easter is God’s promise of eternal salvation; the reason Jesus came into the world. Easter, in short, is what Christianity is all about.

Except on American networks, the MRC study found. For instance, it noted:

During ABC’s “Good Morning America” on March 21, 2013, anchor Josh Elliot deemed “the peep” synonymous with “Easter.” Eight days later, ABC’s weather anchor Sam Champion asked lifestyle anchor Lara Spencer on “Good Morning America,” “This is Easter weekend, which means what?” Spencer responded, “Peeps.”


Granted, a weather anchor and a lifestyle anchor can’t be held up as a symbols of a news channel’s approach, but the exchange was far from unusual, MRC found. And any regular viewer of American television knows it.

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell appeared on Megyn Kelly’s “The Kelly File” Thursday to talk about the study. Check out the interview here.


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