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Laura Bush shows ‘pure class’ in message to Clintons

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No one can accuse Laura Bush of lacking class.

The former first lady, who watched for eight years while her husband was assaulted by Democrats and unhinged leftists in ways that make the right’s treatment of President Obama look like foreplay, congratulated the first family of leftist politics in America on the news that former first daughter Chelsea Clinton is expecting.

And, as usual, she did it with style.

After all that’s gone on in this country in the past decades, a casual observer could easily be forgiven for thinking the Bushes and the Clintons hate each other. It was Bill, after all, that defeated the first President Bush back in 1992, and none too kindly either.

Eight years later, the Clintons were on their way out of the White House, but still the reigning couple of a Democratic Party that was spending the first months of the second Bush administration doing everything it could to tarnish the legitimacy of the president of the United States.

Fast-forward to 2014 and the Clintons are still the reigning couple of the Democratic Party (current White House occupants notwithstanding) and Laura Bush congratulates them as one grandmother to soon-to-be grandparents — political differences swept aside.

As you might expect, and as she deserved, Mrs. Bush drew plaudits in the Twitter world. Here are a few examples from Twitchy.com.

For many Twitter users, the former-librarian-turned-first-lady is in rarified company indeed.

And while Laura Bush was warm enough to welcome Hillary Clinton into the sorority of powerful grandmothers, some still had trouble with the image — “the optics” as the consultants say in the Obama Era.

Isn’t it, though? A sight more pleasant too, actually. (Not all of us claim as much class as Laura Bush.)  


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