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Fox gets upper hand on White House, Michelle Obama’s pet project trashed

Michelle Obama
Photo Credit – SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

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With all the time invested in battling Fox News, the White House should have an edge in tracking down a fox.

But one red fox has gotten away.

The bushy-tailed mammal has been spotted roaming White House grounds since before the government shutdown in October, according to The Wall Street Journal. The four-legged intruder even had the audacity to trash first lady Michelle Obama‘s garden.

While red foxes are legendary for their intelligence and cunning, upsetting Michele O may not be the wisest thing to do.

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Even President Obama was surprised one morning to see the fox trotting down the open-air colonnade that runs along the Rose Garden, The Journal reported. The fox has also been tripping alarms and, in general, just making a nuisance of itself.

The Secret Service has developed a reputation for securing foxes in foreign countries, typically at local bars, but it would not provide details on how often alarms are tripped. But agency officials told The Journal that they “have cameras that monitor that stuff.”

The White House finds itself outfoxed in trying to gain the upper hand, much like its success rate on the world stage. White House groundskeepers have put out a number of metal traps baited with “rotting hunks of chicken” to catch the furry trespasser, but they have been unsuccessful thus far, according to The Journal. If caught, the fox would be relocated.

For those concerned about administration officials’ well-being, the Humane Society’s web site states that red foxes “aren’t dangerous to humans, except when they are rabid — which is very rare — or are captured and handled.”

There is no truth to the rumor Vice President Joe Biden offered his shotgun to help out.

Tom Tillison


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