Easter brings out atheists contempt for Christians in ‘repugnant’ banner

Photo: www.washingtontimes.com

It seems that Christians can’t celebrate their holiest day of the year — Easter, the day that defines Christianity — without atheists butting in to announce their presence.

When the Concerned Women for America put up a display in the Wisconsin capitol honoring the day, the Freedom from Religion Foundation erected its counter-message in the form of a large banner. It proclaimed, “Nobody died for our sins” and “Jesus Christ is a myth,” according to The Washington Times.

Depending upon your beliefs, the former can be argued. The latter, however, is an outright fabrication. Jesus Christ is an historical figure.

The foundation’s co-president, Annie Laurie Gaylor, issued a written statement.

“It’s unfortunate to see a sectarian symbol that is increasingly used as a symbol of political intimidation in our state capitol,” the statement said. “It’s also unfortunate to see women serving as a front for a patriarchal religion based on women’s subservience and second-class status. This is the same group that helped defeat the Equal Rights Amendment, citing its allegiance to biblical principles, instead of civil liberties under our secular government.”

Kim Simac, State Director for Concerned Women for America of Wisconsin, appeared on Fox & Friends Wednesday and rose above the fray.

She acknowledged the foundation’s right to display its message, although she disagreed with it.

Watch Simac’s interview with Fox News co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck via Fox News, then check out “Woot! Rachel Maddow gets shown her place when she tries to insult Ann Coulter.”


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