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Dem Senator nearly hit by train during news conference — on railroad safety

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A Connecticut Democrat should start practicing what he preaches.

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal staged a news conference Friday on a rail platform to decry a “laxity and lapse in safety and reliability” by the Metro-North Railroad, according to The Associated Press.


But the senator discovered a laxity of his own mid-conference, when an Amtrak train barreled past the platform, coming within inches of Blumenthal, Milford Mayor Ben Blake and an easel holding graphics the two Democrats were using to make their point.

Blumenthal cited figures from the Federal Railroad Administration that showed Metro-North has had 139 safety violations in the past 10 years, far higher than other U.S. commuter railways, AP reported.

“Part of the solution here is tougher and more stringent standards for penalties, oversight and scrutiny,” Blumenthal said.

Right. We all know Dems love oversight and scrutiny when they’re directed at businesses – even though they don’t think much of either when it comes to the White House.

But here’s another idea, Senator: How about individual responsibility? You can start with people paying some attention to those big, fat yellow lines that tell you where you’re not supposed to stand when you’re near a train track.

Check out the video here. (After you watch it a couple times, the best part’s really the finger on the left of the screen.)


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