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Yes he did! Sharpton compares Obama to Jesus Christ in Easter message

Image source: New York Daily News

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While sharing his Easter message with the faithful, the so called Rev. Al Sharpton dared to compare President Obama to Jesus Christ.

And to hear Rev. Al preach it, unfavorable treatment brought on by the president’s inept performance is on the same level as the crucifixion of Christ.

The notorious race hustler showed up on friendly turf this week in a spot on the “Tom Joyner Show,” and right after laying down a disclaimer that he wasn’t comparing Obama to Christ, Sharpton did just that.

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“The story of Jesus on the cross,” he said over the airwaves. “No matter what they humiliated him with. No matter how they mocked him he took it, because he knew he could rise. And the story of Easter and my message for this Easter session is no matter what unearned suffering you go through, that if you know you can rise above it, don’t become like the diseases that you fight.”

“As I looked at President Obama at our convention last Friday where all he took he’s been able to rise politically again,” he continued. “I’m not comparing him to Jesus, but I am saying that to every crucifixion there is a resurrection for those that believe.”

Praise Obama!

Tom Tillison


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