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‘Paunchy’ Al Gore: Global warming deniers ‘immoral, unethical and despicable’

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Global-warming alarmist Al Gore warned an audience at the University of Hawaii earlier this week, warning “the future of civilization is at stake.”

The former vice president told the gathering of students, faculty, environmentalists, elected officials and legislators at the sustainability seminar that global warming can be stopped, according to Civil Beat.com.

“Ultimately, we are going to win this thing,” he said to the adoring crowd.

A fired-up Gore got a mixed review from Civil Beat, which reported:

Gore did not disappoint. Grayer and with less hair, and with a slight paunch filling out his aloha shirt, in voice and mind he sounded as passionate as ever about the environment — a far cry from the inanimate robot label that has stuck to him over the years.

“The way we have to respond to this is going to require a set of changes that are beyond our routine,” Gore said. “I know that we are capable of that. Our way of life is at stake. Our grandchildren are at stake. The future of civilization is at stake.”

“Barriers” prevent definitive action on climate change, Gore said, blaming fossil-fuel proponents and fake science promoted by critics who say humans have no influence on the climate’s fluctuations.

“That’s immoral, unethical and despicable,” he said of both groups.

No word on the carbon footprint Gore produced for the trip to Hawaii.

Watch the report on his appearance via KITV4 News:

H/T: Weasel Zippers

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