One looming issue could derail the Hillary juggernaut

hillary clintonDespite the widely-held mantra that Hillary Clinton is a shoo-in for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, one business expert believes one Obama weakness can derail her express train to victory: the economy.

Fox Business Network senior correspondent Charles Gasparino wrote in a New York Post column that a faltering economy, marred by higher taxes, the worsening Obamacare landscape and business stagnation, could drag the Democratic brand down to the pits and dash Clinton’s hopes.

“Her biggest fear, I’m told, is that the Obama economy gets even worse,” he wrote. “She knows economic recoveries (even ones as weak as the one Obama fomented with ObamaCare, higher taxes and his attacks on business) run in cycles, which often last about seven years. In other words, it could turn sharply down just in time to leave her holding the bag.”

Gasparino’s bubble-bursting predictions come as Clinton’s coffers benefit from sweeping appearances around the country, fundraising efforts on her behalf and her ex-president husband’s stubborn popularity. Even the Benghazi scandal appears to have fallen off the public radar.

But Gasparino believes all the positives could be outweighed by all the negatives of an Obama administration.

“Barack Obama’s rapidly disintegrating presidency — and the chance it will get even worse — is Clinton’s top worry these days as she weighs whether she’ll run, and can win, in 2016,” Gasparino wrote in quoting sources on why Clinton may be hesitating in announcing her candidacy.

Surely, Clinton’s minions will continue to plead for her to run, and she’s promised to definitively announce her intentions by the end of 2014. But if the Jimmy Carter-like malaise infects ever-widening segments of American society, she just might opt against it.

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