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People react to finding out how much top one percent pay in taxes

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There’s a common belief that the wealthy pay little or no income taxes, attributing it all to tax shelters and offshore bank accounts.

To test this out, The Blaze sent a reporter out to ask everyday folk how much the country’s top one percent income earners pay in taxes. A few were close to the actual 35 percent figure, but most were way off. Check out their reactions when they learn the truth.

Stuart Varney, host of Fox Business News’ “Varney & Company,” noted that when you consider the top 20 percent, it gets even worse.

“You hear it all the time, don’t you?” he told Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer. “Tax the rich some more because they can afford it. Well you may be surprised to hear that wealthier people already pay for almost everything. Let me repeat the number you just gave. 20 percent – the top 20 percent of income earners pays over 90 percent of all the federal income tax money.”

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