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Parent dress code: Fla. school officials want to tell adults what to wear, now

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One Broward County School Board Member has taken her official position to the stratosphere, suggesting an appropriate dress code for parents picking up or dropping off their kids at school.

Board member Rosalind Osgood “said it’s unlikely the district could write or enforce a parent dress code,” according to the Sun Sentinel, “but she and board member Robin Bartleman agreed principals could address the issue during Parent Night.”

“It’s hard for me to tell a child not to show up for school with hair curlers, pajamas or short shorts if they see parents wearing them,” Osgood said during a recent meeting, according to the Sun Sentinel. “Parents need to lead by example,” and apparently she feels qualified to decide their standards of acceptability.

Osgood said she has seen far too many parents bring their children to school in inappropriate attire, and it rankles her.

“We have dads showing up in sagging pants,” and the poor examples are having an effect on kids’ own school decorum, she said.

At Boyd Anderson High School, for example, the principal has had to distribute belts to students with low-hanging pants, the board member said, although one might ask if belts are covered in his taxpayer-financed budget.

Since the idea was first raised by Osgood, she has found herself having to defend her position against angry e-mails from all over the nation accusing her of overstepping and chastising her for telling other adults how to dress, according to the Palm Beach Post.

“I’m not trying to dictate anything to anybody else,” said Osgood. “I am trying to get them to prioritize their children’s education,” the Post reported.

But it didn’t take long for lawmakers in neighboring Palm Beach County to jump on the self-righteous bandwagon and begin discussing the idea.

According to the Palm Beach Post:

Palm Beach County School Board Member Karen Brill on Wednesday said she had asked Superintendent Wayne Gent to schedule a discussion item for next week’s school board meeting on the idea of enforcing some sort of dress standards for adults visiting schools or school-sponsored events.

Osgood said she hopes the board can engage parents in a wider discussion on setting a proper example in September. Hopefully she’ll leave her slings and arrows at home.

Video from the Sun Sentinel:


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