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‘CHOOM & CHUMP’: New Biden, Obama selfie plus Twitter equals hilarity

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The ban on White House selfies didn’t last long. Vice President Joe Biden started an Instagram account Wednesday, and he inaugurated it with a selfie of him and the president.

That simple act resulted in an avalanche of critiques from Twitter users, and the Twitchy team was only too happy to collect them and let us in on the fun.

It all began with the vice president’s innocent tweet — well, come to think of it, nothing having anything to do with Biden is ever innocent.


Now, let the hilarity begin:


Author and Fox News analyst Monica Crowley joined the fun with these two observations:



And then the photo inspired captions, beginning with this from actor Adam Baldwin:


Followed by overall assessments, such as these:



Amen, Katherine! Catch more of the hilarity at Twitchy, then check out “Woot! Rachel Maddow gets shown her place when she tries to insult Ann Coulter.”


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