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‘A glitch you can be proud of’: Rumors of Senate run trigger hysterical Sebelius campaign slogans

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The speculation that former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was considering a run for the U.S. Senate sparked a wide range of suggestions for hilarious campaign slogans.

It all began on Twitter with the hashtag #SebeliusCampaignSlogans, and the Twitchy team was on hand to catch all the fun.

A Twitter user with the handle The Morning Spew got things rolling with these two. the first reminiscent of an oft-heard phrase of hers when she was out selling the Affordable Care Act:

From that point forward, #SebeliusCampaignSlogans had a life of its own — it was taking off:

The mere mention of glitches brought to mind the numerous “404 errors” people got on their computers when attempting to sign onto the exchange:

One even included a campaign poster:

But the best by far was the one inspired by Sebelius’ botched farewell speech in the White House Rose Garden:

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