Woot! Rachel Maddow gets shown her place when she tries to insult Ann Coulter

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow referred to conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter as little more than a comedian in a video posted Monday on YouTube by Vaguely Qualified Productions.

“Ann Coulter was revealed not as a political player or even as a pundit, but essentially as a comedian,” Maddow explained. “She is a conservative comedian. That’s what all her books and all of her appearances are now. Right – that’s a form of performance art.”

Maddow also placed conservative radio host Bryan Fisher in the same category — as a comedian.

The Maddow interview was a scene cut from the final version of the feature film, “The Muslims Are Coming,” according to Vaguely Qualified Productions, which produced the film.

Coulter was contacted by Breitbart News for comment. This is her emailed reply:

“THANK YOU!” she wrote. “Spouting off political opinions is easy — comedy is hard.  Offering political opinions is especially easy when you make up stuff the way Rachel does, such as”:

Here’s her “short list” of Maddow’s past misstatements of fact:

1) The bridge in Minnesota collapsed because of Republican spending cuts.  (A year-long government investigation determined it was a design flaw.)
2) A census taker was murdered by right-wing anti-government types. (Another lengthy investigation established that he killed himself for the insurance money.)
3) Jamie Leigh Jones was gang-raped in Iraq. (The alleged victim — who by the age of 20 had already accused three men of rape — eventually admitted it was just one man, and the jury in her civil case concluded Jones was lying.)
 4) Gun rights activists holding a rally on the anniversary of the battles of Lexington and Concord were, in fact, celebrating the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing.
5) Elizabeth Warren is a Native American.

Perhaps Maddow was just getting back at Coulter for calling Maddow and her MSNBC colleague Ed Schultz out for not having the courage to debate with “a half-articulate conservative” on their shows.

Coulter made the observation during a January appearance on “Fox & Friends.

Watch the interview via Fox News, then check out “Obama’s ‘condolences’ complete with tasteless joke; Twitter lashing follows.”

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