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City’s embarrassing postcards hit prostitutes’ Johns — right where they live

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St. Louis police are trying a public-shaming approach to battling prostitution by mailing suspects arrested for solicitation their court date information via a bright yellow postcard, according to KDSK-Channel 5.

“Thanks for your visit …” the postcard begins cheerfully.

“The City of St. Louis, its residents, and your neighbors would like to remind you that lewd, lascivious and/or suggestive behavior (including but not limited to prostitution, solicitation and prostitution loitering) are a violation of city ordinance and state law.”

Then comes the court date, and a friendly admonition to “help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease.”

An eye-catching yellow postcard should really carry the message home. Especially if John is married.


H/T: Independent Journal Review




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