City’s embarrassing postcards hit prostitutes’ Johns — right where they live

St. Louis police are trying a public-shaming approach to battling prostitution by mailing suspects arrested for solicitation their court date information via a bright yellow postcard, according […]

Shameful! NY to disband police unit focused on Muslim terrorism due to liberal media pressure

In a truly bizarre bow to media-driven political correctness, New York City’s mayor has disbanded a special police detachment that monitored potential terrorist activity among the city’s […]

New Yorkers ignore SAFE Act deadline: You shred the Constitution, we’ll shred registration forms

Second Amendment and gun-rights activists loudly objected to New York’s legislative mandate that they register all “assault weapons” by Tuesday. “Nobody is going to comply with this,” […]

Rumsfeld’s annual letter to IRS : I ‘have absolutely no idea’ if my tax return is accurate

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld posted a message Tuesday on Twitter that perfectly captured the frustration many Americans feel every year on April 15. Rumsfeld said […]

Arrogant gun-grabber Bloomberg says he’s earned his place in Heaven; $50 million more can’t hurt

Buried at the bottom of a New York Times story trumpeting former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plans to drop $50 million on a new gun-grabbing crusade is a […]

IRS-Social Security seizure a ticking time bomb

The Washington Post declared victory Tuesday for exposing the seizure of income-tax refunds to claw back alleged Social Security over-payments. But the legal issue of garnishing money from the […]

train selfie
Selfie with oncoming train proves to be very bad idea

A man hoping to take a “selfie” with an oncoming train in the background got a greater “kick” out of the effort than he bargained for. Jared […]

Woot! Rachel Maddow gets shown her place when she tries to insult Ann Coulter

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow referred to conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter as little more than a comedian in a video posted Monday on YouTube by Vaguely […]

Rep. Gohmert delivers withering attack on ‘childish and lame’ Eric Holder

Louie Gohmert went on a tear. The Texas Republican rep. whose clash with Attorney General Eric Holder last week caused a splash that landed well outside the Washington […]

no whites
College seeks advice on how to rid itself of white students

A public university in Washington state is looking for advice on how to rid itself of white people. According to Campus Reform, Western Washington University included a survey in […]

GOP ‘contempt’ bill would cut off Holder’s pay – yes, please!

Fed up with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s arrogance, a Republican congressman sponsored a bill to hit him where it hurts — in the wallet. The measure, […]

obama bombing
Words are missing from Obama’s Boston bombing anniversary statement

President Obama’s statement Tuesday marking the one-year anniversary of the terrorist bombing of the 2013 Boston Marathon failed to mention the words, “terror” or “terrorist,” “attack” or […]