Obama administration’s lust for power would jack up milk and beer prices

If the Food and Drug Administration has its way, the cost of beer, milk and beef are about to increase.

For as long as there have been brewers and dairy farmers, they’ve engaged in a symbiotic arrangement that has saved each big bucks. When the brewer is finished using the grain to brew his beer, he passes it on to the cattle rancher, who uses it as feed.

They both come out winners: The brewer saves on disposal costs, and the farmer saves on feed costs, according to Fox News. http://foxnewsinsider.com/2014/04/14/drunk-power-new-fda-rule-set-hit-beer-brewers-dairy-farmers

But the federal government has a better idea.

The FDA believes that the used grain should be considered “pet food,” requiring it to be thoroughly dried and packaged at an enormous cost — a cost which the consumer pays in the end. Think of it as another one of Uncle Sam’s hidden taxes.

Watch as Garrett Tanney reports to Fox News host Martha MacCallum from Chicago’s Revolution Brewing Co., then check out “Obama’s ‘condolences’ complete with tasteless joke; Twitter lashing follows.”


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