Trash-talkers Greg Gutfeld and Pat Sajak go at it over contestant’s epic fail

When Greg Gutfeld and his fellow hosts on “The Five” broke down Friday’s “Wheel of Fortune” fail – when a college student blew a chance at $1 […]

Judge Napolitano fearful of what’s going to come next in Nevada

Fox News senior legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said he was “a little fearful” about coming events in the standoff between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and Bureau […]

Elijah Cummings declines Fox News; appears on ‘Face the Nation’ to zero IRS questions

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee’s ranking Democratic member got caught in an apparent lie last week on his role in the IRS scandal. Yet when […]

‘Coincidental’ Soviet-style Census revisions will cover up Obamacare sins

Is this a crazy coincidence, or what? Census numbers expected this fall will be useless for gauging whether Obamacare is working as advertised because of changes in […]

Moms tough job
Applicants’ reaction to interview for ‘world’s toughest job’ is priceless

A Boston agency posted a job opening for a “director of operations” position with a company called “Rehtom Inc.,” that included a busy workload, little or no […]

Obama administration meddles in UN’s new climate change report to hide costs

The latest United Nations climate change report appears aimed at sending us all back to the Stone Age — and President Obama doesn’t seem to care, as […]

Journalist describes threats, nightmare for Christian view of traditional marriage

The once-predominately Christian nation of Ireland has now become stridently intolerant of Christian views, according to a nationally known columnist who supports traditional marriage. The Emerald Isle’s […]

Biden takes cue from Michelle O: Grandkid travel ‘one of the great advantages of being VP’

The Obama girls aren’t the only family enjoying the perks of privilege. Vice President Joe Biden’s grandkids do, too. That’s just life at the top for these […]

flight att. 1
Flight attendant’s safety speech has passengers roaring with laughter, applause

How many times have you seen the passengers on a plane roar with laughter and then applaud the flight attendant’s safety speech? Me neither. Buckle up: H/T […]

Obama administration’s lust for power would jack up milk and beer prices

If the Food and Drug Administration has its way, the cost of beer, milk and beef are about to increase. For as long as there have been […]

Ben Carson tells real story of prayer breakfast in new book; White House wanted an apology

Talk about touchy. Antsy sycophants in the Obama White House wanted Dr. Ben Carson to apologize for his celebrated speech at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, apparently […]

Megyn Kelly: Chilling exclusive behind the scenes look at Nevada ranch showdown

A documentary filmmaker who has stared down drug runners at the U.S. southern border said he has never experienced as tense a situation as he did at […]