SNL nails dumb mob snitch in ‘Undercover Sharpton’ spoof

undercover sharpton2Saturday Night Live comedian Kenan Thompson‘s portrayal over the weekend of race hustler Al Sharpton as a mob rat continues to get plenty of play.

Titled, Undercover Sharpton,” the skit is a spoof on the news last week that Sharpton worked with the FBI as an informant back in the 1980s.

In the video, a flamboyant “Sharpton,” carrying a wired briefcase, approaches a couple of wiseguys sitting in a bar, eager to “get down to business.”

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“Business, huh? Ok. You heard it’s snowing outside?” one mobster responds as he taps his nose.

“Snowing?!” “Undercover Sharpton” responds. “It’s June! I came here to get some co-caine.”

And so the sketch goes, right up to the expected conclusion.

The real Al Sharpton did admit to cooperating with a federal investigation into organized crime in the 1980s, but denied being a mob rat.

“I was not and am not a rat, because I wasn’t with the rats,” Sharpton said last week. “I am a cat. I chase rats.”

No, the quote is NOT part of the Saturday Night Live skit.

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Tom Tillison


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