Obama’s ‘condolences’ complete with tasteless joke; Twitter lashing follows

Capping off remarks about innocent victims of a racist shooting spree with a joke is tasteless.

Capping them off with a joke couched as a prayer is near unforgiveable.

But that’s what President Obama did Monday at the White House Easter Breakfast, where his condolences to the families of three people killed at a Jewish community center and a Jewish retirement center in Kansas were followed by this gem, according to the New York Daily News.

“Lord, fill my mouth with worthwhile stuff and nudge me when I’ve said enough,” Obama said as he ended his prayer before pastors and religious leaders assembled for the event. “The Almighty is nudging me.”

The presidential prayer was posted on Twitter by Mark Knoller of CBS News.

Reaction was swift — and not kind, since the blood had barely dried at the Overland Park, Kan., crime scenes, where authorities say a white supremacist killed three people, including a man and his grandson, on the day before the start of Passover.

Other reviews were even less kind.

Some waxed lyrical.

Others were mystified.

But one hit the nail right on the head.


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