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High school draws fire for shaming seniors failing to graduate

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A California high school’s effort to shame a group of struggling 12th-graders has administrators red- faced instead.

califschool0413newDuring a pep rally Tuesday at North High School in Bakersfield, a truancy officer took the microphone to announce the names of 34 seniors who hadn’t completed graduation requirements.

He then ordered everyone on the list to leave the mandatory-attendance rally, according to Kern Golden Empire News, which covers the Bakersfield area.

“These 34 students, I want you to stop when I call your name, stand up, come towards me and go that way,” the officer said. “And, I want you to look at this group behind you, and as you walk away, keep looking and keep in mind what you’re sacrificing today.”

But when students started complaining, school officials started apologizing, according to local news reports. The dismissal wasn’t approved by the school’s principal, who wasn’t at the rally, school district officials told ABC 23.

“It’s not standard practice to abuse students verbally in this way,” district spokesman John Teves told the Golden Empire News.

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But tough-talking author and TV personality Larry Winget told Fox News on Saturday that apologizing is the wrong approach. Soft disciplinary techniques don’t work, he said.

“I’m sick and tired of school officials apologizing to kids who don’t know how to behave for the kids’ bad behavior,” said Winget, author of six self-help books, including 2013’s “Grow a Pair: How To Stop Being A Victim and Take Back Your Life, Your Business and Your Sanity.”

“They’re not smart enough to graduate a public school because they didn’t do the work, and now they got some fingers pointed at them, and their feelings are hurt. They should have been humiliated. I hope their feelings got hurt really bad. … Maybe now they’ll pay attention.”

Check out Winget’s appearance here. Then see KBAK News coverage of the incident below.


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