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Anti-Obama art comes to the fore outside Masters tournament

Photos: via American Thinker
Anti-Obama street art adorns the entrance to the Augusta Country Club — the down-market neighbor of Augusta National.

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Visitors to the Masters tournament this weekend are getting an eyeful of art aimed directly at President Obama.

The posters parody the president’s broken promise on Obamacare – “If you like you’re handicap, you can keep your handicap” – and poke fun at his performance – “SUB-PAR” – in a protest guaranteed not to make a mainstream media television screen or the front page of a major newspaper.


Obama is a known lover of the game, of course – 163 rounds since being sworn in, according to Obamagolfcounter.com — so he’s sure to be following the action at August.

obamamasters0413sixHe won’t be seeing any of these signs on CBS, though. They’re not on the hallowed grounds of Augusta National itself, but on its poor country cousin, the next-door Augusta Country Club, the kind of course where the other 99 percent can play. (Or at least the part of the 99 percent that actually plays golf.)

obamamasters0413fourThe mainstream excuse for ignoring the anti-administration art will be that it’s not actually on the tournament grounds, but that didn’t stop the New York Times from covering  the ludicrous protests against Augusta National during its masturbatory crusade against the club’s men-only membership rules back in 2003.

Of course, that was a private club, minding its own business and making its own decisions about its rules – everything liberals hate. (It didn’t help that Augusta’s fabulously wealthy.)

But a protest against a sitting president and targeting his disastrous policy that’s a proven structure of lies, that’s wreaking havoc on the economy and will plague the country for generations hence if it’s not overturned by a Republican Congress?

Not worth the ink.

H/T: American Thinker


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