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‘Page not found!’ See hilarious reaction to Sebelius’ botched farewell speech

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Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius just can’t win for losing.

Speaking in the Rose Garden Friday on her sudden retirement, with President Barack Obama at her side, Sebelius seemed to misplace the final page of her farewell speech.

“Unfortunately, a page is missing,” she said out loud as she realized it was not there. Ad-libbing better than her boss would have, Sebelius concluded: “So I’m just grateful for having had this wonderful opportunity.”

Sorry, Ms. Lerner, Trey Gowdy nailed it:
‘Brought BOOM to the ROOM!’

Yep, just as she botched the launch of the Obamacare web site, she bungled her farewell to the nation. And as might be expected, Twitter users were quick to point out what a “fitting farewell” it was. As documented by Twitchy:

And if you think it doesn’t get any better than that, you’re wrong. It gets a lot better:

Tom Tillison


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