You won’t believe what LA drivers do when suicidal man closes highway

Traffic in Los Angeles is among the worst in the nation. Throw a suicidal man threatening to jump from a bridge into the mix, and it’s not hard to imagine what effect it would have on your daily commute.

But it is how local residents responded to unfolding events that overshadowed the potential tragedy.

They took selfies!

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The whole story unfolded Thursday on Twitter, with a photo from above giving an indication of how badly traffic was impacted by the suicidal man, as Twitchy chronicled:

So local residents decided to make the most out of another human’s misery, reminiscent of a self-indulgent New York woman who snapped a selfie with a suicidal man on the Brooklyn Bridge over her shoulder.

But things could be worse, as Twitch pointed out — some were encouraging the man to jump for the benefit of better traffic!

Tom Tillison


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