Van Susteren blasts Dem candidate’s ‘anti-Fox’ campaign, exposes his strip-club past

Fox News Host Greta Van Susteren eviscerated a Democratic congressional candidate running against House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in what can only be described as a hate campaign.

Van Susteren confronted Mike Dickinson, whose campaign is not so much directed against his opponent as it is the National Rifle Association, the Tea Party and Fox News. It was his last target that she honed in on Thursday, and she got right down to business.

“Why do you hate me?” Van Susteren bluntly asked.

When the candidate tried to make it a problem he had with the network rather than her, she brought it back to the personal.

“Well, but no, what about me? I’m Fox News, I’m ‘trash,’ apparently, so what’s wrong with me?” she asked again.

When he replied that Fox News misrepresents the facts and the tea party misrepresents their own position, Van Susteren brought out the howitzer and returned fire. Dickinson never fully recovered.

“That’s really bad to portray yourself not as who you are, right?” Van Susteren began, setting him up for the fall. She then read a letter Dickinson wrote to a Virginia newspaper claiming to be the CEO of a strip club chain.

“I consulted for them, I did,” he answered, beginning to sound embarrassed.

“It says CEO of Mid-Atlantic. Were you the CEO?” Van Susteren pressed.

“You got me there,” Dickinson replied, now fully defeated.

Watch the full exchange via Fox News, then check out “Teacher’s unexpected response to student’s profanity-laced letter is priceless.”


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