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Incredulous Rachel Maddow critical of Sebelius resignation: ‘Why now?’

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maddowMSNBC host Rachel Maddow is not very happy with the Obama administration after Thursday’s announcement that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is resigning.

Concerned about marring the so called “success” of Obamacare, based on questionable enrollment numbers, Maddow equated the development to the administration stopping “halfway through their victory lap to fire the head.”

“Now Kathleen Sebelius has to go?” Maddow asked dejectedly. “Why now? Because the administration can’t resist stepping on its own tail and turning the first good news cycle they have had about Obamacare since it passed into a story, instead, about firing people for Obamacare’s failures? Why now?”

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Regurgitating the Democratic Party narrative that “it works,” Maddow claimed Obamacare has “resulted in millions more Americans having health insurance than had it before,” even though the administration will not release information showing how many of the new sign ups where those who lost existing plans, or how many have actually paid a premium.

Disputing claims that the resignation was planned, Maddow played a clip of Sebelius saying in an interview last week she would “absolutely” stick around until the second round of enrollments in November.

“Now she’s out,” Maddow said. “Thus turning the only good Obamacare news cycle this White House has had in years into one that ends with a resignation, which Republicans had been clamoring for for years.”

Politic before country, every time.

Tom Tillison


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