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Sorry, Ms. Lerner, Trey Gowdy nailed it: ‘Brought BOOM to the ROOM!’

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No one spoke so magnificently in favor of the House Oversight Committee resolution that contempt charges be brought against former Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner Thursday than Trey Gowdy, Republican from South Carolina.

Gowdy had no doubt but that Lerner had given up her Fifth Amendment protections against self incrimination at her last committee appearance when she made 17 separate factual declarations.

As always, the former prosecuting attorney’s performance was spot-on. The Twitterverse lit up with those who saw it all play out on C-SPAN, and the team from Twitchy recorded every glorious tweet.

Here’s Gowdy in action.

Lots of people liked to quote Gowdy, just because he was so damn quotable:



Townhall’s Katie Pavlich quoted Gowdy often — here are two:



And then came the assessments:





From here, the contempt resolution moves to the full House, where it already has the support of the Republican leadership.

Read more tweets at Twitchy, and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out “Teacher’s unexpected response to student’s profanity-laced letter is priceless.”


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