Teacher’s unexpected response to student’s profanity-laced letter is priceless

A high school English teacher did the one thing you would never expect when a student left a profanity laced anonymous letter taped to her classroom door.

She pulled out a red pen and corrected the many grammatical and spelling errors contained therein.

According to Fox31 in Denver, a senior at McKinley High School — city/state unknown — decided there’ll be no more work done in the class. The student makes no case for such a declaration in the poorly written letter.

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But once the teacher was finished making corrections, there was a sea of red ink to behold.

Adding insult to injury, she offered the author of the letter a little advice:

“*Please use your education appropriately. Proofreading takes five minutes & keeps you from looking stupid.*”

It doesn’t get much better than that!

H/T Independent Journal Review

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229 thoughts on “Teacher’s unexpected response to student’s profanity-laced letter is priceless

  1. Charles Parish says:

    Common Core…..go figure!!

  2. mogul264 says:

    The anonymous ‘writer’ (term used loosely!) was also someone who failed to sign their message, or, at worst, a classless, craven coward, in addition to being a poor and vulgar English ‘student’ (again, term used loosely)! I’d LOVE to learn of his/her (probably his) accomplishments in life in the next 5 or 6 years! At least, 5 or 6 after leaving Momma’s place!

  3. Parker Orfield says:

    This anonymous ‘writer’ edge-a-ma-kated by Common Core!

  4. BamaBonzz says:

    I find it funny that Fox 31 in Denver couldn’t determine what city or state this was in. It is just another fine example of why they are an entertanment venue,

    1. Braveheart says:

      They may have been asked by the teacher to keep it hush hush. The way things are today in the pinko liberal world, she might be fired for that.

  5. Teresa says:

    When I was going to school back before integration no student would have even dared to write this kind of disrespect to a teacher; even anonymously. They keep trying to dumb down the curriculum so that these losers can pass.

  6. martin fee says:

    Typical of the entitlement generation. You think this nation is bad now, just wait till these people start running for office

  7. Braveheart says:

    Disrespect is common in the school systems. I’m currently a teacher – I retired from the U.S. Border Patrol at the end of 2011 and went into the teaching profession – junior high level. The methods of discipline are far weaker then they were when I was in junior high…and they are relatively ineffective. Along with that, too many parents do not care…or, they are not around.

    1. Melissa Katsmom Votano says:

      Which profession is more difficult? Thank you for protecting the border.

      1. Braveheart says:

        I have to say that teaching is more difficult overall, and it pays considerably less. Yes, we had fights, gunfights, many dangers during my Border Patrol career…but, I still never got as tired working 10-12 hour shifts as I do working 5 days of 8 hours as a teacher. Of course, as a federal retiree the teaching salary isn’t an issue for me, but I can certainly sympathize with the teachers who have to live on that salary alone. One really has to adjust. All in all though, I love what I did as an Agent, and I enjoy what I’m doing as a teacher.

        1. Melissa Katsmom Votano says:

          My mother-in-law is a retired school teacher. She does okay with her pension but she was a pretty smart investor over the years….owns some rental properties so that helps her a lot. I can imagine that being a teacher is more tiring though. Being responsible for the minds of a bunch of tweens and teens can get exhausting.

  8. Melissa Katsmom Votano says:

    Hahahahaha. Good for her.

  9. nutsforgolf says:

    What’s this guy’s problem? He states that he enjoyed the class. So why give all the heartache and grief to the teacher? Does he want to remain stupid for the rest of his life or what?

    1. Barry Soetoro Cokesnort says:

      This student is a Democrat in the bud.

  10. Six Edits says:

    It’s important to recognize the dangers to liberty arising from collectivists who seize upon temporary crises and fleeting problems as excuses to further centralize government power.

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