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Rabid ‘Honor Diaries’ protester recognized by White House, Megyn Kelly reveals

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A woman once named as a “Champion of Change” by the Obama White House and has been honored by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is railing against “Honor Diaries,” a film depicting misogyny in Islamic cultures.

Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York, has been “rabidly” campaigning against the film depicting the plight of Arab women. Last month she tweeted this:

The film’s executive producer is Ayaan Hirsi Ali a Somali black woman.

Former federal prosecutor and National Review contributing editor Andrew McCarthy told Fox News host Megyn Kelly Tuesday that Sarsour is “in league with other Islamic supremest thinkers, who think that anything that sheds a light on this is something we shouldn’t see.”

Throughout her most recent smear campaign against “Honor Diaries,” Sarsour continues to be honored by the White House, according to Kelly.

On the other hand, Hirsi Ali, the film’s executive producer, became the target of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Tuesday after Brandeis University announced it intended to honor her. CAIR sent out this tweet:

Within hours, Joseph Lumbard chairman of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at Brandeis tweeted:

Great courage? No, Brandeis exhibited great cowardice on this one.

Watch the exchange between Kelly and McCarthy via Fox News, then check out “Breitbart’s raunchy Pelosi picture causes Wasserman Schultz, libs to freak out.”


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