Rabid ‘Honor Diaries’ protester recognized by White House, Megyn Kelly reveals

A woman once named as a “Champion of Change” by the Obama White House and has been honored by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is railing against “Honor Diaries,” a film depicting misogyny in Islamic cultures.

Linda Sarsour, executive director of the Arab American Association of New York, has been “rabidly” campaigning against the film depicting the plight of Arab women. Last month she tweeted this:

The film’s executive producer is Ayaan Hirsi Ali a Somali black woman.

Former federal prosecutor and National Review contributing editor Andrew McCarthy told Fox News host Megyn Kelly Tuesday that Sarsour is “in league with other Islamic supremest thinkers, who think that anything that sheds a light on this is something we shouldn’t see.”

Throughout her most recent smear campaign against “Honor Diaries,” Sarsour continues to be honored by the White House, according to Kelly.

On the other hand, Hirsi Ali, the film’s executive producer, became the target of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Tuesday after Brandeis University announced it intended to honor her. CAIR sent out this tweet:

Within hours, Joseph Lumbard chairman of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies at Brandeis tweeted:

Great courage? No, Brandeis exhibited great cowardice on this one.

Watch the exchange between Kelly and McCarthy via Fox News, then check out “Breitbart’s raunchy Pelosi picture causes Wasserman Schultz, libs to freak out.”


28 thoughts on “Rabid ‘Honor Diaries’ protester recognized by White House, Megyn Kelly reveals

  1. SusieQ says:

    Oh my, look at Ms. Sarsour lookin’ all muslim and all , being a rebel to all the moderate? muslims. Yep, one day the white house is espousing women’s rights and lo and behold this little scarf clad lady comes along teliin’ all about no women’s right and do not tell of pedophiles and beatings of women in the documentary and Nancy Pelosi and co. is falling all over Ms Sansour can’t do enough, has probably given her a extra key to the WH. I don’t know call me silly but what’s wrong with this picture.

    1. Chuck L says:

      As a grateful recipient of the Margaret Sanger award you expected something different from Pelosi?

      1. SusieQ says:

        Isn’t she a piece of work?

    2. Pamela K. Cahoon Laub says:

      In the name of “honor” women and girls aren’t just beaten, but have acid thrown in their faces and even killed – by men in their families. She is an elitist who may not have personally experienced honor abuse, but it happens. Isl*mic women who speak up against it are harshly punished. Most Americans aren’t aware of female genitalia mutilation and the crude way it is done. The protestor is a traitor to m*slim women.

      1. SusieQ says:

        I am aware of that Pamela and it is horrible that’s why I felt so passionate when I saw this woman protesting this movie.I hoped you watched Kelly this week the CAIR chairman appeared last night 4/9 and again tonight, evil incarnate and Meghan points out his lies. This Sarsour is a mouthpiece for Muslims that the Obama administration hail as decent citizens, can you say votes? The liberal left by their silence ok this, what hypocrites. I wonder if anyone knows there have been honor killing here in the US, very recently a father shot his two teenage daughters to death. How can any civilized society even listen to these people, their protests of “nothing here” is rediculous. Let us watch the movie and decide for ourselves. By the way Pelosi should be condemned for her actions, better to have left it alone but we all know their motives.

  2. Wayne Willard says:

    Muslims are a disease, its time for a cure

    1. Cris Bessette says:

      Stereotypes are a symptom of xenophobia (fear of people/ cultures different than your own)

      Muslims are just as much individuals as Christians.

      1. disqus_6OFzse09GA says:

        Except Christians aren’t calling for the murders of innocents and non believers. Wake up Cris.

        1. Cris Bessette says:

          Except the MAJORITY of Muslims are not doing any such thing either. Just the freaky fundamentalists.
          I’ve worked with Muslims, been to Muslim countries, and am a “non-believer” and I haven’t been murdered, even a little bit.
          Wake up disqus_60Fzse09GA!

          1. dot_bat says:

            its not JUST the fundamentalists by their silence they are just as guilty. if you were aware of the means of the spread of Mohammedanism thru out the world, murder, intimidation, the head tax, you wouldnt say what you have said. there is not one place on the planet were muslims live in peace with there non-muslim neighbours. think of the “fundamentalists” as the advance guard of a army determined to annihilate you or convert you. christians are murdered in egypt quite regularly, not one person has ever been prosecuted for the murders, ever, for hundreds of years. the majority of muslims support the “Fundamentalists”. Thats why they are silent

          2. Cris Bessette says:

            You are using some of the same arguments that Sam Harris uses against “moderates” in “The End of Faith” except he applies it to all religions, not just Islam.

            I do agree that Islam has not evolved as much as Christianity culturally.

          3. disqus_Pb5yBxXpB8 says:

            It doesn’t HAVE to be a majority. With 1.2 Billion Mohammedans, even a relatively small minority of nutcases can do enormous harm. And given the fact that such fanatics are not merely lunatics, but in addition are religiously inspired, they are religious conspirators, making their delusion violence exponentially more dangerous.
            I’m glad that you haven’t been murder, not even a little bit. But ask some of the Sikhs in Pakistan, or the Hindus & Buddhists of India, the Christians of Africa & the Middle East – I won’t go on. How many lunatics does it take to shoot a gun? Set off a bomb? Explode a nuclear device? Not very many. We’re not talking about democracy here, btw, though democracy is basically mob rule, which has its own liabilities. Just because the Mohammedan throwbacks are only killing hundreds of people a month, and maiming thousands, that doesn’t mean that there’s no threat, not even because you survived.

          4. Cris Bessette says:

            Believe it or not, I agree with you in principle. Islam is mired in cultures that are throw backs to darker times. Other religions around the world have had to change with the times and social change.

            So many Islamic cultures are based in countries with oil economies that allow the cultures to stay closed and controlled by religious elite.
            Western countries tend to be much more diverse out of necessity, and this prevents fundamentalism from taking hold.

            In any religion, the fundamentalists often get a free ride from the more moderate believers, but much more so when the from the government down there is implied support.

            There are “Christian Militias” here in the USA and religious based white supremacist groups that could seriously cause problems and violence if the government gave them implied support instead of just the opposite.

      2. Deborah Ferris says:

        Yes,and Christians as much as Muslims. What about Muslim woman? Honor killing in the name of Islam. Shame on you!

        1. Cris Bessette says:

          Don’t be dense, I’m not supporting “honor killing” that is horrible, I was responding to the xenophobic comment above.

          1. Deborah Ferris says:

            Hi Chris. I do not dislike Muslims. Far from it. My statements are not xenophobic against Muslims. I agree Muslims are people too. The honor diaries is exposing an ugly side of Islam that many Muslims would like to not be exposed.

          2. Cris Bessette says:

            Again, I was responding to the original xenophobic comment which I will quote here: “Muslims are a disease, its time for a cure”

          3. Deborah Ferris says:

            Ok. What did you do in the countries that you visited? Did you study Islam?

          4. Cris Bessette says:

            I was there to work in trade shows, meet with business people, dealers/distributors as a representative of my business.

          5. Deborah Ferris says:

            I’ve had many wonderful clients who are Muslim. Something happened that really jolted me out of my slumber. I saw a pattern. Mosque built near church in St.Louis. Imam aggressive toed me. Told me, point blank,…Jesus is not GOD. very forward. I learned how their religion looks toward nonbelievers. I’ve researched the Qur’an. The statement could be based on observation not xenophobia. Look at 911. I do fear Islam not Muslims. Islam is like a fascist theocracy. in my lifetime it has ruined many countries and most terrorism is where Islamists are taking territory. The imam did it to me in my own front yard in suburbia St.Louis. I looked around and saw all of these fully clad women in burka ‘s and long clothes with hagibs. They were not friendly. I am very multicultural. I tried to talk to these people.Started to learn about this. I went to their grocery stores. This one lady said, we have the perfect religion. Men looked down on women. It was weird. The statement could really mean, that Islam metastasized “like” a cancer. Probably not untrue. No disrespect intended my my thoughts. Europe doesn’t look like Europe anymore. people feel overrun by the PC police, international law against blasphemy. Hillary Clinton signed it. We’re supposed to be tolerant. I agree but did not give up my amendment Right to free speech. People in Europe are fed up. Anyway, thankyou for listening. Have a great day and thankyou for your thoughts. Bye Chris.

          6. Cris Bessette says:

            Well, I do agree about ISLAM, but then I have severe reservations about ALL organized religions. I’ve read about half the Quran myself, and pretty much every other page includes “do as I say or burn”, not near as much as the Bible does.

            People tend to ignore the horrific parts of their own religions. (Thank God!) Most people ignore the Old Testament in the USA, and I am happy about that as I would have been stoned to death years ago for being a filthy infidel. 😉

            No, the thing that scares me is FUNDAMENTALISM in any religion.
            That is what causes the oppression of women, creates suicide bombers, Westboro church, David Koresh,etc.

          7. Deborah Ferris says:

            Westboro and koresh are nothing compared to the en mass growth of Islam. I live in Glendale CA now. It is Armenian orthodox Christian mostly. Many lived, and still do, in Iran. Some lived in Armenia.Are you aware that 1.5 million were murdered last century by ottoman Turks? Christians are targeted, murdered, in Egypt and Syria today, just because they’re Christian. My girlfriend Simini from Iran recently accepted Christ. She loves GOD with all her heart. She’s a very loving lady. She toldme that her family told her, “Don’t bother coming back to Iran. There is nothin for you here. We took your inheritance your house, and if you come back, we will KILL you!” God’s honest truth. I have heard so many stories like this, while living here in glendale. Islam demands submission. I say, give me liberty Or give me death. There will be no horrible attacks in USA because CAIR is using the courts and media to fight their battles while America is drunk on middle East oil, low prices at the pump, and self indulgence. Believe me,911 is the anniversary of the Gates of Vienna September 11th, year 1600’s something something. The Ottoman’s fell. After that they went into decline. So, 9- 11- 2001, Islam wants to renew their quest for their calphate. Their agenda is to remove not just Israel, but to raise their flag over the white house. If we fall to the PC police, in the name of tolerance of multiculturalism, we very well my have to kill it goodbye. The Muslim Brotherhood founded CAIR. Do you know what sharia law is? Have you lived within the confines of Shatia law? It’s Hell for women! The word islamiphobe is coined to silence people who understand what Islam really IS! islamiphobe and homophobe are nothing by comparison but Islam is riding on the coattails of gay rights agenda.

          8. Cris Bessette says:

            You are preaching to the choir, Like I said, organized religion scares me.
            I AM an “Islamaphobe” ! just not a “Muslimphobe”.

            In my opinion, the “cure” for Islamic extremism is education and more access to the outside world.

            The leaders use the religion to control the populations in Islamic societies, like in early Christianity when the church leaders fought tooth and nail to keep the Bible from being printed in English where the common man (and woman) could read it and make up THEIR OWN minds as to what it said.
            William Tendale’s English Bible scared the church leadership because they could not control the people through their faith anymore.

            Islamic societies tend to be very closed, closed minded, and afraid of outside ideas or philosophies.
            The Boko Haram movement in Africa is literally that: “Western education is sinful”.

            Luckily in the USA we have this separation of religion /state thing going on, this explicitly prevents “sharia law”.
            Keeping religion out of government is good for all of us.

          9. Deborah Ferris says:

            Agreed regarding separation of church and State for those reasons.
            However during the early church, just how early?
            There was a lot of illiteracy in the world, and the Catholic Church initially had the bible kept away from the masses. Martin Luther nail his famous thesis on the church doors in Germany to break away from Catholicism. That very same Church an imam gave the Muslim call to prayer. Awful. Islam is creeping into and changing the western world and under PC rules, the truth is muzzled. If we say anything about it we’re isomorphic or xenophobic.

          10. Deborah Ferris says:

            Hey Chris:
            I AGREE your statement about more bloody in OT vs Qur’an. However, it IS the “OLD” testament. Christ gave us a “NEW” commandment, LOVE thy neighbor as yourself. It is not bloody except Christ’s blood shed for the remission of sins.
            On the other hand, Qur’an doesn’t change. It is blasphemy to question Allah or Mohammed. The rule in Islam is kill all nonbelievers if the do not accept Allah and Mohammed as his prophet. So, Chris, I may appear to be xenophobic like the other commentaries however, not without a lot of thought and meditation.

  3. Teresa says:

    When is everybody going to realize we have a Muslim leader in the White House. Muslim is the only thing he knows how to lead or knows anything about.

    1. Deborah Ferris says:

      We see it.

  4. coffeeHouse1982 says:

    Just like its marxist, socialist, and communist ancestors, today’s liberalism is a death cult.

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