Home invader met by entire family locked and loaded; it didn’t end well for him

Florida’s gun laws make the state pretty much inhospitable to home invaders — in fact, it can be downright lethal.

When Mitchell Large broke into a Winter Haven home Monday morning, he was met by three family members — all packing heat, according to MyFoxOrlando13.

Dad fired off a warning shot, which the intruder ignored. When Large continued into the kitchen, mom and son opened up, killing him.

“It’s not a very far reach to assume that if someone’s forcing their way into your residence early in the morning, they’re not there to wish you well,” Police Chief Gary Hester said. “That’s your castle that a reported intruder is coming into, so whether he was armed or not armed, when he failed to retreat, they certainly had a right — if it turns out this way — would have a right to defend themselves.”

At least one neighbor agreed.

“That’s the way that I would react. I’d hate to do that; I’d hate to shoot anybody. But if it comes to me or them, I would,” said Denver Kemp, who lives in the neighborhood where the shooting occurred. “I hate that he died, but you got to take a stand against this people that’s doing this stuff.”

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FOX 35 News Orlando


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