Holder snaps as Gohmert hits a nerve: ‘You don’t want to go there, buddy’

U.S. Rep. Louis Gohmert, R-Texas, scolded Attorney General Eric Holder for withholding documents from Congress, sparking a testy exchange Tuesday during a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

Gohmert told Holder that documents requested in the Holy Land Foundation investigation had not been provided and reminded the attorney general that he had been held in contempt over a similar situation.

This fiery exchange followed, according to video posted on YouTube by Gohmert:

GOHMERT: “I realize that contempt is not a big deal to our attorney general, but it is important that we have proper oversight.”

HOLDER: “You don’t want to go there, buddy! You don’t want to go there, okay”

GOHMERT: “I don’t want to go there?”


GOHMERT: “About the contempt?”

HOLDER (pointing his finger at Gohmert):“You should not assume that that is not a big deal to me. I think that it was inappropriate, I think it was unjust. But never think that that was not a big deal to me. Don’t ever think that.”

GOHMERT: “I’m just looking for evidence and normally we’re known by our fruits, and there’s been no indications that it was a big deal because your department still has not been forthcoming in producing the documents that were the subject of the contempt”

The congressman was referring to the contempt charges that the House brought against Holder in 2012 for failing to provide documents relating to the Fast and Furious gun-running investigation.

Watch the exchange here:

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


260 thoughts on “Holder snaps as Gohmert hits a nerve: ‘You don’t want to go there, buddy’

  1. matthew says:

    thank you for helping me clear that up , the fact is I get facts confused sometimes and I apologize . I suffer from chronic severe migrains and ptsd do to military service from the coldwars,end 1989, thru desert storm til finishing with 1/1 cavalry in 1995-1996 as lead heavy recon element on the northern border between Bosnia Hertzagovenia and the serbian bone heads!!!! trying to kill innocent unarmed farmers… migrains do to exposure to chemical compounds in an area not permitted discuss but caused one heck of tumor in one of the areas of my head(which accounts for my forgetful goofyness )(which i hope you can forgive).Once removed ,migrains came in and as a bad joke slight memory loss and confusion much like the current administration ,fortunately in that my ailment only affects me thanks be to the GOOD LORD ALMIGHTY GOD ….I thank you once again kind sir for your kind correction of my mistake ..

  2. Parker Orfield says:

    When you have a Communist like Holder that won’t do the job he was hired for. Thinks he is above the law and violates it at will. He thinks people are subjects and should do as they are told and not a Free people. Allows a Communist president to act as a dictator and violate the Constitution many times. Then cries racism to and with a racist, drug deal, liar, rat and snitch, Al Sharpton, because someone in our government with some balls finally stands up to him and wants answers!

  3. Texas Belle says:

    The next day he was bemoaning his treatment as the worst ever for an Attorney General. Poor baby; he sounds like a petulant child who has been admonished for a misdeed. Does he think he shouldn’t be questioned or challenged just because he holds that office; does he think he is above the law? He should be in prison, along with Obama, Reid, Pelosi and several others.

  4. Melissa Montana says:

    The past century of centralization has undermined the foundations of morality and liberty to the point where civilization’s greatest threats arise from the ignorance institutionalized within its very own central governments.

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