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Fox News’ Ed Henry returns White House fire on gender gap; others join the fun

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Fox News senior White House correspondent Ed Henry exercised one of the perks of his position Tuesday — tweaking the hypocritical nose of a sanctimonious Obama administration staff member.

He described the Twitter exchange he had with White House Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri to Fox News anchor Shepard Smith on “Shepard Smith Reporting,” in the above video, but the real fun is reading the tweets, and the Twitchy team was only too happy to record them all.

Immediately following a rancorous press briefing in which White House press secretary Jay Carney trotted out some misleading statistics on the gender pay-gap, Palmieri fired off this tweet:

Henry couldn’t resist sending a salvo back, in the form of his own observation:

Dialog New Media associate Lachlan Markay took immediate notice:

The Blaze’s Oliver Darcy made this assessment:

Henry’s original response started an avalanche of tweets, including this from author/commentator Michelle Malkin:

And another Twitter user noted not just a gender pay gap at the White House, but also a dearth of women filling Obama White House cabinet positions:

And still another laid it all on Palmieri‘s lap:

Some days it pays to just keep your mouth shut. Tuesday was one of them for a certain White House communications director.

Read more tweets at Twitchy, then check out “Breitbart’s raunchy Pelosi picture causes Wasserman Schultz, libs to freak out.”


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