Chicago Dems support GOP candidate for governor because their guy made such a mess

A familiar face in Chicago Democratic politics is throwing his support behind a GOP challenger for Illinois governor rather than the Democratic incumbent — and he’s taking a lot of others with him.

Obama supporter Manny Sanchez, who led a Latino outreach in the city of Chicago for the Democratic Party, is now throwing his considerable weight behind businessman Bruce Rauner, a Republican, rather than Democrat Pat Quinn, who’s seeking re-election.

Sanchez appeared “On the Record” Tuesday and told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren that the reason for the switch is purely economic.

“We’re dealing with a very, very serious fiscal challenge here in the state of Illinois,” he told Van Susteren. “And for too long it’s been ignored.”

Sanchez described himself as a fiscal conservative who admired what Gov. Scott Walker had accomplished in Wisconsin.

Chicago Democrats are wising up to the fact that if they ever hope to get out of the financial pickle they’re in, they’re going to have to hire a Republican.

Watch the exchange below via Fox News, then check out “Breitbart’s raunchy Pelosi picture causes Wasserman Schultz, libs to freak out.”


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