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Video: Topless woman in a thong ransacks Florida McDonald’s, then eats ice cream

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Security cameras really captured an eyeful at one Florida McDonald’s.

A woman wearing only a thong went a little nuts and trashed the place.

The scene got rolling about 7 p.m. March 24 when 41-year-old Sandra Suez walked into the Pinellas County restaurant and offered one of the employees oral sex, according to a WPTV report. Apparently, the nudist doesn’t handle rejection well because her $10,000 dollar rampage began after she was refused.

When she finished knocking over everything in sight, the naked, angry woman consoled herself with ice cream right from the machine.

According to police, Suarez was charged with resisting an officer with violence and criminal mischief, WPTV reported.

The biggest shocker of the story is that police say she wasn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol. She was hiding behind a table when police arrived, but still aggressively trying to kick, bite, and lick the officers, according to the report.

Suarez was booked into the Pinellas County Jail the next day. She was released four days later after posting a $7,000 bond.

I hope she finds a good therapist soon, for all of our sake.

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