Video: Frantic Westboro Baptist protesters literally run out of town by hostile residents

Westboro Baptist Church protesters found out they picked the wrong town to aggravate on Sunday, when they were sent fleeing by angry residents in less than 10 minutes.

Oklahoma Strong A vicious tornado struck Moore, Okla., last May, and the Westboro group came to tell residents that God was punishing them for their indiscretions, according to Oklahoma City TV station KOCO.

The nearly 2,000 residents lining the streets would not stand for it.

“These people, Westboro, they think they’re better,” Moore High School student Dillon Johnson told KOCO. “But they fall short of the glory just like we all do.”

Westoboro had obtained a permit to protest between 2 and 2:30 p.m. at a high school housing students of an elementary school ravaged by the storm. But when some from the heated crowd began to make their way across the street, the protesters ran frantically to their van and left, KOCO reported.

Captain America in Moore“My best suggestion to those people across the street, find a country, and get a plane ticket,” a man dressed as Captain America told KOCO. “I suggest Malaysian Airlines.”

Despite the emotional intensity of the crowd, Moore police said no one was arrested, and everyone was respectful.

“Moore strong, that’s all we are,” Johnson told KOCO. “We are a family. We gotta stick together, and this proves it.”

Oklahoma strong.

Watch the video here via Oklahoma City’s KOCO:

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