Enlightened ex-liberal Rob Lowe: ‘I want the government out of almost everything’

The once “really, really liberal” Hollywood actor Rob Lowe is showing a libertarian streak.

“I want the government out of almost everything,” Lowe said in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine.

Photo: ScreenCrush.com
Photo: ScreenCrush.com

The comment came in the context of gay marriage, which Lowe supports, but the basic point is not a bad thing at all to hear coming from the Left Coast.

Lowe also said he has no particular allegiance to either major party — which makes him somewhat of a rarity among the Beautiful People – and compares party loyalty to party drugs.

“I find them both highly overrated,” he said. “Each day another state makes it O.K. for my 18-year-old — any 18-year-old — to go and buy pot like he’s buying a Pepsi-Cola, and so let’s face it: In the United States, recreational drug use is sort of acceptable. Belonging to one party is acceptable. But my days of just ticking the party box are long over. I judge the candidates for who they are.”

The Pepsi-pot-politics analogy might be a little foggy, but this is Rob Lowe, not Ronald Reagan. (The “really, really liberal” description came from an interview with the Guardian in 2009.)

“I want the government out of almost everything” works just fine.

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