CNN: Dems betting on Obamacare supporter Alex Sink again after embarrassing Fla. loss

Democrats picked themselves up after the devastating loss of the CD 13 special election in Florida and decided they would keep their money on the same race horse for November.

The race became a national embarrassment to the Democratic party since its heavily-backed candidate, Alex Sink, extolled the virtues of Obamacare and lost to Republican David Jolly. CNN’s “Inside Politics” reported:

Sink was their candidate then, and a lot of Democrats blamed a subpar campaign on her narrow loss. But Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee leaders remain convinced she is their best candidate in November.

The DCCC chairman, New York Rep. Steve Israel, has said so publicly. But he is also directing an aggressive private campaign to help Sink get over her reservations about running again. That effort includes bringing Sink to a recent DCCC strategy session in New York, and sending staff to the district this past week.

The reason for the renewed love for Sink strongly hinges on the post-election analysis that showed former Republican, turned Independent, turned Democrat governor, Charlie Crist’s name on the ballot in November, according to CNN.


Michele Kirk


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