Video: Greta Van Susteren’s public, high-stakes challenge to Obama: Your ball Mr. ‘O’

After being refused airtime by all the major networks to gleefully announce his supposed 7.1 million Obamacare enrollment figure on Tuesday, Fox News’ Greta van Susteren offered the president a deal, framed as a high-stakes challenge in her ‘Off the Record’ segment Friday.

“He wants time . . . I got it,” van Susteren said, offering to give the president 10 minutes of uninterrupted airtime to tout the glory of his enrollment numbers, in exchange for 10 minutes of hard-hitting, no frills, quick questions and answers.

“And no filibustering where you talk, talk, talk until the time is up,” she cautioned.

Watch her proposal. Will he have the guts to take her on?


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