Teacher-student brawl caught on video turns into hot topic

A California high school science teacher and wrestling coach has been suspended after getting into a brawl with a student who was reportedly selling drugs in his classroom – even though teens who witnessed the fight said the student struck first.

Photo: KTLA-TV

“I can tell you that what I witnessed on one of those videos is utterly alarming,” Superintendent Sandra Lyon wrote in a letter to parents, according to a KTLA-TV report.

If the other students’ account is true – that the kid in question was selling drugs and struck the teacher in the face during a confrontation – wrestling coach Mark Black’s real problem is that the scuffle was captured on video recorded by other students’ cellphones.

That meant the confrontation made the local news – and embarrassed officials in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.

That got the confrontation featured on the local news – and embarrassed officials in the Santa Monica, Calif., school district.

Maybe that’s why school officials have already deemed Black’s behavior “unacceptable,” even though the investigation is still open .

“Until the investigation is complete, we will not have all the details that led up to this incident; nevertheless, based on what I have viewed, the kind of physical restraint used by the teacher is unacceptable,” Lyon wrote.

Check out KTLA-TV’s report here. Whatever the investigation uncovers, one thing is clear: Black knows how to wrestle.

UPDATE: Supporters of Mark Black have started a petition on Change.org to have him reinstated to duty. To see the petition, go here.


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