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Pelosi is popped! Admits House Dems are running from Obamacare, but . . .

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Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi must be resigned to the reality that she’ll never get her old job back.

nancypelosi0406The California Democrat, consigned to minority leader status since the Republican wave election of 2010, told Candy Crowley on “State of the Union” on Sunday that Democrats who voted for Obamacare remain proud of their work – and that they won’t be trying to run away from it this fall.

Crowley pointed out the obvious.

“There are folks who are running campaign ads – Democrats – distancing themselves from this,” she said.

Pelosi admitted the truth, but was as undisturbed by reality as a liberal incumbent from San Francisco can be.

“There may be a few, and some of them weren’t there to vote for the bill, some of them were there and didn’t vote for the bill,” she said. “But they’re the exception … There are a couple of hundred Democrats in the House who are proceeding in a very positive way.”

Actually, there are fewer than a “couple hundred” total Democrats, and the ones who are proceeding in a very positive way can do it because they’re from safe districts where they’re protected by party domination or long-time incumbency — both in Pelosi’s case.

Democrat representatives in less comfortable circumstances – like Florida’s Joe Garcia and Arizona’s Ann Kilpatrick – are trying to convince voters they want to get back in office because their just itching for a chance to fix the fatally flawed bill.

Democrat candidate Alex Sink tried that leading up to the March 11 special election in Florida’s 13th District.

She lost.

Check out the video here. You’ve got to hand it to Pelosi. She lies so well you almost believe she believes it.

H/T: Washington Free Beacon


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