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Bumper sticker takes participation trophies to ‘whole new level’; responses rock!

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The current culture of pumping up children’s self-esteem, and giving out trophies just for showing up, has taken a turn for the worse with a bumper sticker that sums it up.

The photo was posted on Reddit, according to Twitchy, with the caption, “Not quite honor roll material.”

Twitter responses revealed shock and disbelief, as compiled by Twitchy:  

One of the best comments on Reddit was from tmurf5387, who wrote:

I live in this town and this pisses me off like no other when I see it driving around. Its the epitome of the everybody gets a trophy generation. We have to make everyone feel good about themselves. Too bad in the real world you dont get kudos for showing good effort.

But then again, maybe this is all part of the plan:


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