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Honey Maid piggybacks ‘This Is Wholesome’ two men raising a baby ad with more controversy

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Honey Maid. a product of Nabisco, released an ad last month that featured a number of diverse families, including a mixed-race family and two gay men with children.

As might be expected, the commercial, titled “This Is Wholesome,” stirred some controversy among viewers.

So much so that the company decided to create a follow up ad focusing on the feedback they’ve received, both pro and con.

The company set up the second ad by describing the original as “a commercial about what makes families, family,” adding that they received a lot of comments and want folks to “see what we did with them.”

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The new ad, titled “Love,” shows two artists being creative with printed copies of the responses. The negative comments were rolled up into tubes and used to spell the word “love.” The artists did the same thing with paper copies of the positive comments, creating shorter tubes that were used to surround “love.”

According to Honey Maid, they received “over ten times as many” positive responses as they did negative ones.

While the ongoin controversy is getting lots of attention, it remains to be seen what effect it will have on the company’s bottom line, which is what ads are all about. Right?

H/T Truth Revolt

Tom Tillison


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