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Dana Perino’s amazing plea has veterans thanking her passionately

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“The Five’s” Fox News co-host Dana Perino sent what was described as the “absolute greatest tweet” ever in the form of a plea for our nation’s veterans, which set forth am avalanche of responses in agreement.

The former G.W. Bush White House press secretary tweeted her message late Friday. It reflects her former boss’s love, respect and deep appreciation for the men and women who serve in the armed forces:


Twelve hours later, it garnered over a thousand retweets and many replies, all duly recorded by the team at Twitchy, beginning with this one from Floridian Marty Smith:


All too often, the needs of our veterans are ignored out of fear, ignorance or political convenience.

Corporate personnel managers place applications from those returning home from our nation’s wars at the bottom of the pile out of fear that they may become a problem down the road.

The Second Amendment rights of vets have been abrogated for the same reason.

Retirement and disability benefits, often paid for with the blood they shed, have been slashed by lawmakers to make room for other budgetary items.

Perino’s kind words were a welcome healing balm, and the thanks from veterans poured in:


Tweet attachment - Marines



Hess Corporation is a global energy company that prides itself on its practice of hiring vets. http://www.hess.com/careers/hiring-veterans

What’s more, the military seldom complains — they just want the chance to serve

“Senior Pentagon officials told Congress last … that troops are willing to sacrifice portions of their pay and benefits if it means keeping and improving the training and equipment needed to do their jobs,” according to a recent Military.com report.

Compare that kind of sacrifice to a Virginia congressmen’s recent complaint that his $174,000 salary wasn’t enough.

Let me join the others in saying “Amen and well done, Perino!”

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