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Shock jocks Opie and Anthony explode over Obamacare, call for a ‘revolution’

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opie_anthonyIt is safe to say that Gregg “Opie” Hughes and Anthony Cumia, hosts of the Sirius/XM radio show “Opie & Anthony Show,” are no fans of Obamacare.

Not even remotely.

Hughes announced on Thursday’s show that he had received a cancellation letter from his insurance company, and he and Cumia, who had already gotten his notice, discussed just how burdensome President Obama‘s signature healthcare law is.

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“So, like everyone else, I have to pick all new plans because what I had wasn’t good enough,” Hughes told his cohort.

“Where you happy with your other insurance?” Cumia asked?

“There was no issue!” he answered.

“Well then, you can keep it,” Cumia replied, pausing for effect before adding, “Oh, that’s right, you can’t.”

“I don’t know why we’re not having a revolution at this point, it’s ridiculous,” Hughes added.

The pair continue to rip on Obamacare in their own unique manner, to include a healthy number of “f-bombs,” but in the end, they make some very valid points.

Caution: Extremely course language

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