Shock jocks Opie and Anthony explode over Obamacare, call for a ‘revolution’

opie_anthonyIt is safe to say that Gregg “Opie” Hughes and Anthony Cumia, hosts of the Sirius/XM radio show “Opie & Anthony Show,” are no fans of Obamacare.

Not even remotely.

Hughes announced on Thursday’s show that he had received a cancellation letter from his insurance company, and he and Cumia, who had already gotten his notice, discussed just how burdensome President Obama‘s signature healthcare law is.

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“So, like everyone else, I have to pick all new plans because what I had wasn’t good enough,” Hughes told his cohort.

“Where you happy with your other insurance?” Cumia asked?

“There was no issue!” he answered.

“Well then, you can keep it,” Cumia replied, pausing for effect before adding, “Oh, that’s right, you can’t.”

“I don’t know why we’re not having a revolution at this point, it’s ridiculous,” Hughes added.

The pair continue to rip on Obamacare in their own unique manner, to include a healthy number of “f-bombs,” but in the end, they make some very valid points.

Caution: Extremely course language

Tom Tillison

Tom Tillison

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Tom Tillison


634 thoughts on “Shock jocks Opie and Anthony explode over Obamacare, call for a ‘revolution’

  1. arguethefacts says:

    Typical wingnuts. They had bad plans, that’s why they were canceled. A cap of about $2 million (cancer or heart disease can run through that in a couple of years). No coverage for any pre-existing condition. Bad policy.

    I find it odd they didn’t even check out the policies available to them.

    There are websites that show how the Republicans that complain about their policies, but eventually check out the policies under Obamacare find that the policies are cheaper and better.

    Remember the woman a few weeks ago with leukemia who said she was going to die because her health plan was cancelled and she was going to lose her doctor. Well, when she ACTUALLY check out Obama care it turned out her doctor was in the network. Her total costs for the year was cheaper than the plan that was cancelled. And she would never be bankrupted by the plan. Her meds actually wound up costing a fraction of what she was paying under her old plan. And her old plan capped the lifetime medical payments for her leukemia. Three years from now her policy would reach that cap and she the insurance company she was complaining about canceling her would have discontinued her policy. Under the policy she found under Obamacare she has lifetime coverage and will never be bankrupted by her coverage.

    Time and time again all these people in anti-Obamcare ads later find out that they get better and cheaper coverage under Obamacare. Some of them, even after they find that out, refuse to sign up.

    But if you want to keep your old policy that can terminate your coverage after you reach $1 or $2 million dollars, has a high deductible, pays very little for your drug coverage, and if they find you didn’t mention a condition from 10 or 15 years ago and can use that to cancel your policy once you get sick, why good luck in being stupid enough to want to keep that kind of policy.

    Oh, and thank you all those Republican Red states that didn’t expand medicare coverage. More money for all of us Blue states. And of course, that means we are getting back some of the money we send to Washington. You do realize that the Blue states send more money to Washington than they get back. The Red states get more money back than they send to Washington compliments from the thriving Blue states.

    Red states have the lowest education scores, highest dropout rates, lowest college or trade school graduate rates, highest unemployment rates, highest uninsured rates, lowest longevity rates, and lowest income. How are those wingnut laws working out for you? Still like living in the uneducated poverty the Red States live in. The average income in my Blue state is twice what it is in Mississippi, we have better jobs, and better access to healthcare. But, if you like living in a third world country, which is what much of the South is, then keep electing wingnut Republicans. If you want your state to thrive and your income to double, elect Democrats. The poorest states in this country are all Republican controlled Red states. The wealthiest states in this country are Democratically controlled Blue states. Makes you wonder which who is more successful at government doesn’t it?

    1. Justin Vest says:

      Such a long comment! Anecdotal evidence! Red State vs. Blue State myths! And are you so committed to your anonymity that you won’t even say what state you live in?

  2. Stan H says:

    Maybe someone should play this for Opie and Anthony.

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