Rachel Maddow outraged over ‘creepy’ transparency in the voting process

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow took exception Thursday to a new Wisconsin law that allows observers to monitor the check in process for voters, telling her viewers “it’s just creepy.”

According to the Journal Sentinel:

“The law would allow observers to stand 3 to 8 feet from the table where voters announce their names and addresses and are issued voter numbers, or from the table where people register to vote.”

Rachel-Maddow-creepyBorrowing heavily from the talking points of Democrat state Sen. Tim Carpenter, Maddow bemoaned the idea of partisan election workers “breathing down your neck from a distance of 36 inches.”

In most states, these positions are called poll watchers. Nothing new here, but for some reason, liberals are adamant about opposing any transparency in the voting process.

Exposing an undying faith in government, she explained that the observers “are not the non-partisan, good government poll workers.”

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Maddow then drags out the expected argument that any effort to ensure honest elections amounts to vote suppression tactics by the GOP to stifle voting.

“Wisconsin used to be known for civic virtue and civic … civility,” Maddow said. “Now it’s just creepy.”

But not as creepy as the dead voting for years beyond their expiration date in support of Democrat candidates.

Tom Tillison


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