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Obama’s $1.5 million overnighter in Brussels revealed

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President Obama’s late-March whirlwind tour through Europe looks to come with a hefty price-tag if the one night spent in Belgium is any indication of the total bill.

Obama spent less than 24 hours in Brussels for meetings with the European Union and NATO, with the overnight at The Hotel, according to The Weekly Standard.

The estimated cost for the stay at the twenty-seven story hotel in the center of the city, including about two weeks for an advance team, was $1,522,646.36, according to the Justification and Approval document:

Obama Brussels hotel bill

No word yet on costs of lodging for the president’s other stops during the Europe trip, which included the Netherlands and Rome, Italy, The Weekly Standard reported.

It’s no wonder Obama has already been crowned the “most well-traveled, expensive president” in history.

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