Obama mojo falling as networks refuse request for prime-time slot

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Broadcast networks turned down President Obama’s request for a prime-time slot Tuesday to deliver his highly-partisan, spike-the-football, reality-challenged “we sold 7 million Obamacare policies” speech.

The president requested valuable air time to brag about a non-accomplishment, and to continue touting the Affordable Care Act to an unresponsive public, according to Buzzfeed.

But instead of cutting into network TV’s moneymaking evening offerings, as he did for his “Osama bin Laden is dead” address, Obama pre-empted daytime soaps and talk shows.

“Three sources familiar with the request confirmed the White House asked for the prime-time slot in their effort both to emphasize a bright moment following the challenging roll out and, more important, to try to reintroduce the country to a law that remains unpopular,” Buzzfeed reported.

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As more Americans are discovering costlier premiums and higher deductibles and copays, Obamacare lost the small majority of support it once enjoyed.

“It’s unaffordable, they don’t care and it’s all an act,” one wag described it on Twitter.

“The White House rarely asks for prime-time broadcast TV time for Obama outside the traditional State of the Union address,” Buzzfeed reported. “Indeed, the Oval Office message is one of the traditional venues for presidential communications Obama’s team has shunned in favor of digital and nontraditional media tools that don’t require the help of established media. But while a prime-time address remains a powerful tool available only to the sitting president, networks face a different imperative: protecting their profitable prime-time lineup.”

Could it be that Obama has lost his mojo?


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