Left blames Fort Hood shooting on George Bush in warp speed

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It didn’t even take 24 hours for the left to politicize Wednesday’s shooting at Fort Hood Texas. In addition to using the tragedy as a springboard for stricter gun control legislation, some are even blaming the event on — you guessed it — George W. Bush.

One Twitter user with the handle Rashid Hussein Obama, described himself as pretty much pro-everything, including pro-choice and pro-life. Apparently that doesn’t include pro-Bush, because the morning after the shooting, he tweeted:

Huh? How did he arrive at that conclusion? Radio host Fred “Fred For Your Head” Reiss was only too happy to fill in the blanks with this tweet:


Vermonter John Patrick Hunt further fanned the flames with this tweet:


There’s only one problem with the reasoning of these three individuals: Just like the first Fort Hood shooter, Wednesday’s gunman, identified as Spc. Ivan Lopez, never saw a single day of combat, according to NBC News.

Lopez spent four months in Iraq as a truck driver three years ago, when the war there was technically over and U.S. troops were withdrawing. There’s no record he saw hostilities, and he received no combat citations or ribbons. At the time he took the lives of three of his fellow servicemen, he was being evaluated for post traumatic stress disorder, but hadn’t yet been diagnosed.

While serving as President Obama’s chief of staff, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel famously remarked “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” and the left has been following that advice religiously ever since.

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After the latest Fort Hood tragedy, former CNN host Piers Morgan tried to turn it into a case for gun control and got soundly shot down because the facts didn’t support the claims he was trying to advance.

Blaming former President Bush also makes no sense, and for the same reason — the facts just don’t support the claims.

When Emanuel spoke of not allowing a crisis to go to waste, he should have added a caveat — first you have to do your homework.

Read more “blame Bush” tweets on Twitchy.


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