Hillary Clinton bails on San Diego appearance after Benghazi protest scheduled

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton canceled plans to to appear at an April 11 event after a demonstration was announced to protest her role in the attack on the American foreign mission in Benghazi, Libya.

Clinton originally agreed to attend the three-day 17th Annual Western Healthcare Leadership Academy in San Diego, and deliver its keynote address, according to Fox5 San Diego.

Shortly after that announcement, a group organized by local resident Jan Iverson called “The Difference Matters,” planned to be among those greeting the former secretary.

“She is not welcome here in San Diego by so many of us. We don’t want her here,” Iverson told Fox5.

Pat Smith is scheduled to take part in the demonstration. Smith is the mother of Sean Smith, an information management officer who was killed along with Ambassador Chris Stevens and security officers Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods at the Benghazi attack.

“Working with her is gratifying, and it spurs on what we are doing,” Iverson said.

Sometime after “The Difference Matters” demonstration was organized, Clinton’ office announced that she would be unable to make a personal appearance due to a scheduling conflict, but would deliver the event’s keynote address via satellite.

“She is expected in San Jose the day before she was supposed to be in San Diego,” Fox5 reported.

Apparently it takes more than one day to get from San Jose to San Diego.

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